Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Update from Dandelion (redressed Fairytopia Dandelion)

First off, I'm sorry things have been kinda quiet on the blog. Today is the election primary, and Treesa's been using her laptop to research candidates these past few days. It's kinda hard to blog when your human won't get off the computer. I know elections are important for you humans, but Treesa was really agonizing over this. She wanted to make sure she made an 'informed decision', whatever that means.
Anyway, you'll all have to wait a little longer for a 'real' post. This is just a quick update post. I thought some of you readers might like to know Treesa just got a bunch more 'fantasy hair colors' dolls. I'm looking at you MyLittleMegara.
I'll start with Hallows Eve. She's a Special Edition Enchanted Halloween Barbie, and she has blond hair with an orange streak. In Treesa's collection, just having a 'fantasy color' streak in your hair is enough for you to be a 'fantasy hair color' doll. At least, that's what Han thinks. Han's a 12 inch vintage Star Wars Han Solo doll. He says he's an 'action figure', but his articulation doesn't even come close to Lawson's or any other 'action figure' in Treesa's collection. Han keeps calling us 'fantasy hair color' dolls 'The Rainbow Brite Brigade', even though a lot of us don't like it.
Anyway, the next doll is Anemone. She's a Barbie Easy Dress mermaid with pink hair. At least, she was a mermaid before she ended up undressed at the thrift store. Treesa redressed her, but not as a mermaid.
Next there's Abby and Maddy. They're from the Barbie Princess Power line. Treesa found them on clearance at Walmart. Abby has blue and yellow hair, and Maddy has purple and orange hair. They've also got molded clothes, but Treesa redressed them anyway. Treesa named them Abby and Maddy because that's their characters' names in the Princess Power movie. The problem is, Treesa can never remember which one's Abby and which one's Maddy. I don't think their personalities are helping with that. They're sort of like an older version of Vi and Viv, always finishing each others sentences.
Anyway, the last 'fantasy hair color' doll Treesa got, so far, was Michaela. She's a Barbie doll with light purple hair who used to be a fairy. She's got molded on clothes too, like Abby and Maddy. Treesa tried to find something for Michaela to wear, but it wasn't easy. I know Treesa was thinking about body swapping Michaela, but then she changed her mind. I'm not sure why.
Anyway, I guess that's it for this update. I'll try to talk some of the new dolls into posting.
Later, Dandelion

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Quote Of The Day Challenge: Day 3

Welcome to the third and final day of the 'Quote Of The Day Challenge'. For today's quote I looked at a little book I'm compiling based on the movie Finding Nemo. I titled the project 'The Wisdom Of Dory'. Now I could've taken the easy way out and used Dory's catchphrase for this post. But I chose a different quote instead.  It was one of the first lines spoken by Dory in the movie. Not only does it sum up Dory's character, but when used sincerely it's the most basic expression of comfort and caring.

"There, there, it's alright. It'll be ok."
~Dory, Finding Nemo (2003)

For anyone who's going through a hard time right now, know that I truly believe things will get better eventually. For anyone who feels like nobody cares, know that I do.

For my last three nominees, I've chosen the following bloggers.

The Dorky Doll Collector at The Dorky Doll Collector's Toy Box

Talolili and RagingMoon1987 at Confessions Of A Dolly Lover

Rapunzel at Rapunzel's Ramblings: Life In 12"

Thank you for joining me for this challenge. Hopefully my dolls will have some real posts up soon.
Signed, Treesa

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Quote Of The Day Challenge: Day 2

Welcome to the second day of the 'Quote Of The Day Challenge'. Today's quote was selected from a book I'm compiling of comic book movie quotes. I haven't come up with a snazzy title yet. The working title is 'On Screen Comic Book Wisdom'. Since the book is for my personal use, I guess it really doesn't matter what I call it. But I would still like a catchy title for it. Let me know in the comments if you have any ideas.

Anyway, this quote has been overused in popular culture, but that doesn't make it any less true.

"With great power comes great responsibility."
~Cliff Robertson as Uncle Ben Parker, Spider-Man (2002)

My nominees for today are:

Muff at Hey, It's Muff

Phyllis at A Day In The Life Of My Dolls

Snow at Through The Eyes Of A 12" Girl

Tune in tomorrow for the third and final day of the challenge.
Signed, Treesa

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Nominated For The 'Quote Of The Day Challenge'

Hello friends and visitors.  This is Treesa.

MyLittleMegara, at the blog In A World Of My Own, has nominated me for the Quote Of The Day Challenge. According to MyLittleMegara's blog post, these are the rules. I have to post one quote a day for three days, and each day I have to nominate three bloggers to take on the challenge.

I had never heard of the Quote Of The Day Challenge before, so I was rather unprepared for MyLittleMegara's nomination. Luckily I'm a scrapbooker/papercrafter, so I happened to be in the process of personally compiling several quote books on various subjects.  This first quote was selected from my Disney themed quote book, which I titled 'Wisdom From The Kingdom'. (As in Disney's Magic Kingdom, get it?)

As I sorted through the various Disney quotes that I had collected, I tried to find one whose message would apply to the largest possible audience.  This is the quote I chose.

"There's room for everyone in this world"
~Nora, Pete's Dragon (1977)

Since the remake of Pete's Dragon has been announced, I thought this quote would be doubly appropriate.

Now, on to my nominees. Below are the three bloggers I nominated, and the reasons why.

Hannah at Never Grow Up
Hannah is an aspiring writer, and most writers are also avid readers, so I'm sure she's come across some great quotes that have made an impact on her life.

DorrieBelle at DorrieBelle's Doll Diaries
I'm not sure if DorrieBelle will be interested in participating. She's been rather quiet on her blog lately and might be having health problems again. But she always gives a unique perspective and isn't afraid to speak her mind.

Queen Elsa at A Doll's Life For Me
I thought it would be neat to get a doll's perspective on the challenge, and most of the other dolls whose blogs I follow don't seem to be actively blogging right now, though I may try nominating them later.

I'll see you again for the next day of the challenge.
Signed, Treesa

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Lawson's Story (Soldiers Of The World, World War II 1st Special Service Force)

There's things I could say about Treesa. Problem is, she thinks there could be kids reading this and warned us all to 'keep it clean'. Makes sense. Treesa talks like a Sunday school teacher when there's people around. It's how she was raised. When she's alone though, and something ticks her off, I've heard some words come out of her mouth she wouldn't tell her mother about.
Treesa's problem is she just doesn't get me. Never has. I'm an action figure, a soldier. Be All You Can Be and all that stuff. I'd trade my dogtags for a good adrenalin rush. Can't get that in a doll collection, not in Treesa's collection anyway.
Treesa picked me up at a discount toy store. Don't know why she bothered. I was on a shelf in her room for about a decade before she took me out of the box. Guess she just forgot about me.
When she decided to do something with me step one was to get me out of uniform and into civilian clothes. To bad she couldn't change my personality that easy. Maybe then she would've been happy. I'm a loner. Always have been. And I don't waste words. When the dolls started talking to Treesa one of them must've said something about me, 'cause Treesa got me alone and asked what the problem was.
"It wouldn't kill you to socialize a little," she said. Still can't believe she had the nerve to say it. "You're not exactly a social butterfly yourself," I said. I had her there. Figured that'd be the end of it 'til she said, "Still, it couldn't hurt to meet some other dolls. I hate to think of you being lonely."
I didn't like the way she said it. She was up to something. "What's that supposed to mean?" I asked.
"It means there are a lot of lovely female dolls in the collection who might want to meet you," Treesa said with a smirk. That ticked me off. Did she really not get it? "That's not what I'm made for!" I said. Treesa looked like she wasn't following, so I spelled it out for her. "I'm an ACTION FIGURE!" I said. "I was made to kick butt, not sit through tea parties with a bunch of dolls looking for Mr. Right!"
For a full three seconds Treesa just stood there. "Ok," she said. "If it bothers you that much forget I said anything." She sounded like she was trying to calm me down. Then she left. I'd won the battle, but not the war.
Later, Treesa tried introducing me to Rowena. Treesa was calling her Charity Violet back then, but I'll get back to that. If I'd known ahead of time what was coming I'd have took cover before Treesa showed up. But she ambushed me when I wasn't expecting it. She acted like she was just giving Charity a tour of the room, but I'm not stupid. I know a setup when I see one.
"Oh, hey Lawson," Treesa said when she found me, just by chance you understand. Right. "Charity this is Lawson. Lawson, this is Charity Violet. She's new here." Treesa tried real hard to sound innocent. Her tone was so sweet I got cavities just listening to her. I glared and kept my mouth shut. Charity must've noticed. When she said, "It's nice to meet you," she sounded like she wasn't sure how I'd take it. I nodded once but kept quiet.
Treesa looked at her watch. This was the part where she'd say she had somewhere to be, then she'd leave us alone to 'get acquainted' or whatever. I opened my mouth to say 'Don't even try it,' but Treesa beat me to the punch. A sucker punch. "I'm sorry Charity," Treesa said. "I know I said I'd introduce you to the Disney dolls but I have to go. I'm sure Lawson can give you directions." Treesa disappeared out the door. I was mad as heck. Charity must've noticed, 'cause she apologized right away. "I'm sorry," she said. "I don't mean to be a burden."
I looked a her. "Not your fault," I said. "Treesa likes messing with our lives, probably 'cause she can't get her own life together." It was a low blow. Not really fair to Treesa either, but I was too ticked to care. Charity just stood there, like she didn't know what to do. Then she said, "Treesa...does this sort of thing a lot?"
"You don't know the half of it," I said. "If she's not playing matchmaker she's pairing up siblings or arranging adoptions for doll parents who weren't planning on being parents." Charity looked nervous. Wasn't sure if what I'd said about Treesa had her spooked or if being around me intimidated her. "If you want some company I'd check by the window," I said. "Just pass the bookcase and keep going 'til you get to the black metal shelf unit in the corner. The window'll be on the left."
Charity took the hint. She thanked me, then left me alone. You've probably figured out we didn't pair up like Treesa wanted. Good thing to, 'cause I think Treesa changed her mind. She used to talk about Charity a lot around me. She doesn't do that anymore. And she changed Charity's name to Rowena for no reason. Said she thought Rowena was 'a better fit'.
Whatever Treesa's up to, she's playing her cards close to the vest. Just hope nobody gets caught in the crossfire.