Monday, May 23, 2016

One Year Blogiversary Disney Giveaway

Hello to all my friends and visitors. This is Treesa. Friday, May 20th, was my one year blogiversary. Unfortunately, I was having some computer issues and couldn't post this until now.

To celebrate my one year blogiversary, I'm hosting a little giveaway. First the rules.

Unfortunately, this giveaway is only open to residents of the United States. I was checking international shipping rates and they seem to be out of my price range.

To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment on this post stating that you would like to enter the giveaway. Please include the name you'd like to be known by and an email address where I can contact you if you win. I've already changed the settings on my blog so that all comments will be sent to me for approval, so your information will only be seen by me.

You will have until June 5th (that's a Sunday) to enter the giveaway. On June 6th (that's a Monday) I will choose a winner at random. I will announce the winner on the blog, and I will also email the winner using the email address they have provided. The winner will have until June 13th (the following Monday) to email me back with a mailing address. If I have not been contacted by the winner by then, another winner will be chosen.

Because this blog does not have many followers yet, and because the readership is still small, your odds of winning are probably very high. Now, on to the prizes.

Because the majority of my followers seem to be Disney fans like me, I selected a Disney Frozen Mini Toddler Anna. This little darling is about 3 and 1/2 inches tall. She also has some limited posability.

Because I didn't like the idea of Anna traveling alone, she will be accompanied by a Ruby From Enchancia figure from Disney's Sofia The First. Ruby is about 3 inches tall and also appears to have some limited articulation. Her hairstyle reminded me of the American Girl Cecile doll. Ruby comes packaged with a small plate of cookies and a plastic charm.

Since a lot of fairytale kingdoms are associated with Europe, I'm also including a package of sixth scale Euro Bills for the girls to use as pocket money.

Well, I guess that's it. Good luck to all.

Signed, Treesa

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Rowena's Story: Continued (Children's Collector Series, Barbie As Sleeping Beauty)

I was gradually settling in, trying to find my place, when Treesa decided to change my name from Charity Violet to Rowena. She told me she thought Rowena was a better fit. I didn't understand, but I didn't question Treesa. Then one day Halle came by.

"Rowena," she called. I was still getting used to my new name, so I didn't realize right away that Halle was calling me. Then she said, "the doll formerly known as Charity Violet." I turned my head then and saw Halle standing behind me. "I'm sorry," I apologized. "I guess I'm still getting used to Rowena."

"It's alright," Halle said. I sort of sighed and said, "I wish Treesa hadn't changed my name. I don't know why she did." Halle stared at me. "You don't know?" she said. She sounded surprised. I shook my head. "Do you?" I asked.

"Do me a favor," Halle said. "Tell Treesa you want to do a blog post. She'll set up her laptop and show you how to use it. When she leaves, go back to the main screen and click the box for Microsoft Word. Then open the file called 'Character Profiles'. It's all in there." I wondered why Halle wouldn't just tell me why Treesa changed my name, if she knew. But eventually my curiosity got the better of me and I did what Halle suggested.

When I opened 'Character Profiles', right near the top was the name Charity Violet. I kept reading and found out that 'Character Profiles' was exactly what the name suggested, a series of profiles, each with a different name at the top, each broken up into categories like 'Physical Appearance', 'Personality' and 'Background'. As I read the description for Charity Violet certain traits jumped out at me, phrases like 'somewhat wavey, golden blond hair' and 'eyes that appear blue at first glance, but are actually violet colored'. I was able to see glimpses of myself in this character, not a perfect mirror image, but close enough that I could see the resemblance. I realized then that Treesa had named me after the character, presumably a character she'd created for one of her writing projects.

Something else jumped out at me from the profile, something in the section marked 'Relationships'. Charity Violet was apparently the sister of 'Constance Daisy', and the wife of 'L'. I thought I had a pretty good idea who 'L' was supposed to be. And that's when I really understood why Treesa had changed my name. When she said in the store that I was 'perfect', she'd meant that I was the reflection of this character in her mind. Then, when she'd brought me home, I'd somehow failed to live up to her expectations. And I'd failed to make a good impression on Lawson. So Treesa changed my name to something that would be a 'better fit'.

I quickly scrolled through the character list, but I didn't see a listing for Rowena. I left the room in a daze and went to find Halle. "Why couldn't you just tell me why Treesa changed my name?" I asked when I found her.

"Would you have believed me?" Halle asked. I tried to think about the question, but my mind still felt dazed and fuzzy, like my head had been stuffed with cotton. "Humans don't get it," Halle continued. "They build you up, then knock you down again. That's why I don't trust them." I thought about asking Halle how Treesa had 'knocked her down', but from the tone of Halle's voice I thought the subject might be too painful.

I don't really know how to neatly wrap up this post. There's no real conclusion, and certainly no happily ever after. But then that's life. Movies and books may be able to end with a wedding, an evil vanquished, or some other celebration. But real life just keeps going. I've been reading the other dolls' posts, and I like what Lacey said about there not being any happy endings, because nothing ever ends. I guess that's a strange thing for a fairytale doll like me to say, but it gives me hope to know that things do change, that maybe someday I'll be able to define myself as something besides a Sleeping Beauty doll or a character in Treesa's mind. Maybe someday, I'll actually figure out how to be ME.

From The Thoughts Of, Rowena

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Rowena's Story (Children's Collector Series, Barbie As Sleeping Beauty)

In human pop culture there are lots of stories about seemingly ordinary people who turn out to be extraordinary.  Whether it's Buffy, the high school student destined to be a vampire slayer, or Neo the computer programmer, hacker and long awaited savior of humankind in The Matrix, or even Mia Thermopolis of The Princess Diaries, who discovers she's the heir to the throne of Genovia. I think there must be some shared human wish to be recognized for your unique talents, to be special, to be chosen.
In a way, I think dolls share this wish. We start our lives outside of the factory sitting on store shelves, hoping someone will buy us. There's no feeling quite like the thrill of being picked from a row of dolls, especially if the other dolls in the row look exactly like you. However even when we find a home, that wish to be special doesn't completely go away. I think many dolls secretly hope to be the 'favorite toy'. And although the fear of being replaced by a newer, prettier, flashier doll is something we try not to think about, that doesn't mean the possibility never crosses our minds. Dolls who have had more than one owner are especially vulnerable to this fear. A doll who has been sold or donated or given away by their first owner often feels rejected. And if you've been rejected once, it's very easy to believe that it could happen again.
Treesa is my second owner. Like Geena and Celeste, I started out as a collector doll who was given to a child as a gift. To be fair, it did say 'Children's Collector Series' on my box.  After years of play, I was donated to Goodwill. My hair was messy, and my pretty dress was gone. I was afraid, wondering what would happen to me now, wondering who would want me like this. Then Treesa came. She looked me over so carefully, studying me. "Perfect," she said. She held me in her hand as she looked around the store, before going to checkout. As she carried me, I felt this overwhelming sense of safety. I felt like Treesa had rescued me. On top of that, she had said I was perfect. Treesa had seen something worthwhile in me, something that my first owner hadn't. Even without my pretty dress Treesa thought I was valuable, special. Being accepted that way, after my first owner's rejection, raised my feelings of self-worth. I was so grateful that before we'd even left the store I'd given Treesa my full loyalty. I was Treesa's doll now, and I couldn't imagine anything more wonderful than that.
Treesa talked to me while she sorted through her boxes of Barbie clothes, picking an outfit for me to wear. I didn't answer, of course. Although Treesa knew I was alive, I hadn't met any of Treesa's other dolls yet, so I didn't know that she knew. But I don't think Treesa really expected an answer that first night. She was just being polite.
After enjoying what felt like the best night's sleep I'd had in a long time, I woke up the next morning not sure where I was. When I lifted my head a little, trying to get my bearings, I heard another doll's voice coming from behind me. "Rise and shine Sleeping Beauty." I turned and saw a Barbie doll with short, dark hair, dressed in leather.
"How did you know I was a Sleeping Beauty doll?" I asked curiously. The other doll looked surprised. "I didn't," she said.  "It's an expression, you know?" She looked me over and said, "I haven't seen you around before. You new?"
"Treesa bought me last night," I said. The other doll got a sour look on her face when I mentioned Treesa. "She give you a name?" the doll asked.
"Charity Violet," I said. The other doll stared at me for a minute. She looked surprised, but she quickly shrugged it off. "I'm Halle," she said, holding out her hand in a friendly way. I couldn't help but notice her claw-like fingers. Still, I reached out my own hand to shake hers. But before I could I heard the sound of human feet coming up the stairs. I froze. Halle rolled her eyes. "Speak of the devil," she said. Treesa came into the room and headed for the spot where she'd left me. When she saw Halle standing there, she paused. "You work fast," Treesa said.
Halle glared at Treesa and said, "Somebody's got to help the newbies." I'd never heard a doll talk in front of a human before. It was something dolls just didn't do. Treesa didn't seem surprised though. "Typical Halle," Treesa said with a laugh, "I get a new doll, you have to be the first to know about it."
"At least with me around we'll find out there's a newbie," Halle said, still glaring. I wondered about Halle's attitude, wondered what Treesa could've possibly done to tick her off. Treesa just sighed and said, "I know, I know, humans don't tell you anything." It sounded as if Treesa was used to this sort of thing from Halle.
"Anyway," Treesa said, "since it's a weekend I thought I'd come over and check on Charity Violet before the welcoming committee shows up."
"Welcoming committee?" I asked, a little hesitantly. I still wasn't sure how I felt about talking to a human.
"I have a lot of dolls," Treesa explained. "And now that you've met Halle word of mouth is going to spread fast. By the end of the day the whole collection will know there's a new doll in the house."
"I'm standing right here!" Halle said, sounding angry.
"I'm just stating the facts," Treesa said. "You've made it your job to keep the other dolls informed, and you're VERY good at it."
I guess Halle didn't like being teased because she stormed off, muttering under her breath. Treesa watched her go, then turned to me and said, "I'm sorry you had to see that. Halle and me have a...complicated relationship. I do try to respect her opinions," Treesa continued, "most of the time."
I wasn't sure what to say, so I didn't say anything. Treesa apologized again. "I'm sorry," she said. "This must be a little weird for you, talking to a human for the first time. Maybe you'd rather talk to some other dolls."
"Are they all Barbies?" I asked curiously
"Mostly," Treesa said. "I have a few non-Mattel fashion dolls, and I have some dolls from other Mattel lines besides Barbie. And of course there's Barbie friends and family dolls who aren't actually Barbies, like Ken dolls. I have a lot of Kellys and Kelly friends."
"Do you have any other fairytale dolls?" I asked. For some reason, I thought Treesa looked a little disappointed. "I don't have any other dolls from your series," Treesa said. "But I have some Disney princess dolls and their families." Then Treesa's expression seemed to perk up, as if she'd had an idea. "Would you like to meet some of them?" she asked.
I nodded. I felt I would be more comfortable talking with other dolls than I was talking with a human. And in my experience, Disney dolls are generally cheerful and pleasant dolls to be around. Treesa and I started to cross the room. Treesa carried me, pointing out some of the highlights along the way. "The bed's over there," Treesa said. "The bureau's on this side of the room, near the closet." From my vantage point above the floor I could just make out flickers of movement here and there, other dolls, I assumed. We had almost reached the bookcase when Treesa stopped suddenly. "Oh, hey Lawson," Treesa said. She lowered me back down to the floor, where I came face to face with a muscular action figure doll.
"Charity this is Lawson," Treesa said. "Lawson, this is Charity Violet. She's new here." Lawson didn't say anything, but he glared at Treesa, just like Halle had. I was beginning to wonder if all of Treesa's dolls disliked her. "It's nice to meet you," I said to Lawson, a little uncertainly. He nodded once but didn't say anything. He didn't seem very friendly, and I wondered why Treesa had bothered to introduce us.
Treesa looked at her watch then. Lawson opened his mouth to say something, but Treesa must not have noticed because she cut him off. "I'm sorry Charity," Treesa said. "I know I said I'd introduce you to the Disney dolls but I have to go. I'm sure Lawson can give you directions." Then Treesa left the room. I was very confused. I didn't understand why Treesa would suddenly leave. I told myself that she must have a good reason, but I still felt a little abandoned. Then I noticed how angry Lawson looked. He was staring at the door where Treesa had left. I guessed he wasn't happy that Treesa had dumped tour guide duties on him. "I'm sorry," I apologized. "I don't mean to be a burden."
Lawson looked at me and said, "Not your fault. Treesa likes messing with our lives, probably 'cause she can't get her own life together." At first I didn't understand what Lawson meant. Then I realized what he was actually saying. Lawson obviously thought that Treesa was trying to play matchmaker. My first thought was that Lawson had to be wrong, that someone like Treesa would never do something like that. But then I was forced to admit to myself that Lawson probably knew Treesa better than I did. "Treesa...does this sort of thing a lot?" I asked.
"You don't know the half of it," Lawson said. "If she's not playing matchmaker she's pairing up siblings or arranging adoptions for doll parents who weren't planning on being parents."
I felt conflicted then. The part of me that had given my loyalty to Treesa still wanted to defend her, to argue that Treesa could have a perfectly innocent reason for leaving me with Lawson. But another part of me had started to question Treesa's motives.
"If you want some company I'd check by the window," Lawson said. "Just pass the bookcase and keep going 'til you get to the black metal shelf unit in the corner. The window'll be on the left." It was pretty clear that Lawson wanted to get rid of me, and I needed some time alone to sort out my thoughts. "Thank you," I said politely, and left.
I've met many other dolls since then, and most of them aren't as hostile towards Treesa as Halle and Lawson are. I think they all get annoyed with Treesa from time to time, but for the most part they don't seem to hold grudges for long. They seem to accept the fact that Treesa is human, and that humans can be thoughtless sometimes. I've heard stories from multiple dolls about Treesa's 'meddling', so I know it does happen. But aside from Halle and Lawson, and maybe a few others, the dolls in the collection don't really take it personally.
(Be sure to come back to read how my name was changed from Charity Violet to Rowena.)

Monday, May 9, 2016

Great Doll Blog Award

Hello again friends and visitors. This is Treesa. The always generous Queen Elsa at the blog A Doll's Life For Me has nominated Fashion Doll Memoirs for the Great Doll Blog Award. It feels wonderful knowing that someone thought enough of this blog to award it. Thank you Queen Elsa.
The rules for accepting the award are:
1. Thank the person who awarded you.
2. Answer their questions.
3. Nominate at least 5 other doll blogs you love.
4. Notify them that they have an award.
5. Leave at least 5 questions for them to answer.
Here are the five questions that Queen Elsa posted on her blog, along with my answers.
Question 1: Who is your favorite doll that you own? And if you are a doll, what is your favorite outfit/accessory?
Answer: I try not to play favorites with my dolls. They all have such unique personalities that there's something to love about all of them.
Question 2: What doll have you had the longest? If you are a doll, who is the oldest doll that you know?
Answer: Suzanne was my first Barbie doll, but the very first doll I ever got was a baby doll I named Tata. I still have her.
Question 3: What is the greatest challenge you face in running your blog?
Answer: Getting my dolls interested in posting stuff. Most of them seem kind of ambivalent about the whole blogging thing. Also, I'm not much of a photographer.
Question 4: What is the greatest reward you can get (morally) for running your blog?
Answer: I'm not sure I understand the wording of the question. I think what Queen Elsa's asking is what non-material things do I get out of blogging. In that case, my answer would have to be making friends with other bloggers.
Question 5: What's your favorite type of weather?
Answer: Sunny, but not too hot. Maybe a slight breeze, but not too cold. And low humidity, that's a biggie.
For my 5 nominees I've chosen:
Here are my 5 questions.
1. What made you start blogging?
2. Are there other bloggers who have inspired you?
3. Do you have any future goals for your blog, and if so what are they?
4. What is the one piece of advice you would give to new bloggers that you wish someone had told you before you started blogging?
5. What is your favorite doll line?
My thanks again to Queen Elsa.
Signed, Treesa

Friday, May 6, 2016

Dandelion's Story: The Sequel (redressed Fairytopia Dandelion)

Sorry to barge in here.  I wasn't planning on doing another post but Treesa just dropped a major bombshell on me. There I was, minding my own business when Treesa came over and said, "There's someone I want you to meet." Then she brought over this little girl doll, a little girl doll with ORANGE HAIR!
Well, it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what Treesa was up to. I was so ticked. I'd thought Treesa was trying to cut back on 'meddling', but I guess not.
Anyway, I knew I'd have to talk fast if I wanted Treesa to hear me out. But I knew I'd have to be careful what I said. Kids soak stuff up like a sponge, and I didn't want to get chewed out by the other dolls for being a 'bad example' in front of the little girl doll. I also didn't want to hurt the kid's feelings and make her cry. So, before Treesa could get another word out I said, "Can it wait? We need to talk."
Treesa looked kinda nervous for a second. But she pasted on a smile before she turned back to the little girl doll. "Why don't you go play with your friend Tabitha, okay Pumpkin?" Treesa said.
"'Kay," the little girl doll said. She turned around and skipped away. As soon as she was out of earshot I told Treesa, "No, no way, I'm too young to be a mother!" Treesa kinda sighed and said, "I was hoping she'd be your little sister."
"Either way I'd have to take care of her!" I said. "I'm not ready for that! Pumpkin's a cute kid, but I'm not going to drop everything and adopt her!"
"Her name is Marigold," Treesa said. "Pumpkin's just a nickname. She's a Halloween doll, and when I got her she was dressed like a pumpkin."
"You're not listening!" I said. "I'm not 'caregiver' material! I'm a single doll who's used to doing whatever she wants! Can you really see ME with a kid?"
"Okay, okay," Treesa said. "If you don't want her you don't have to take her." I was happy at first. After all, I'd got what I wanted. But then I thought of something. "What'll happen to her if I don't take her?" I asked.
"She'll stay with my other sixth-scale child dolls who don't have families yet," Treesa said. I didn't know much about Treesa's 'orphan' sixth-scale kids. I'd heard they all tried to look out for each other, and the older ones kept an eye on the younger ones. It didn't sound that great to me, waiting around 'til someone wanted you. "So, now you're trying to guilt trip me," I said. "If I don't take her no one else will?"
"I didn't say THAT," Treesa argued. "You asked me a question and I answered it." Treesa must've noticed I felt sorry for Marigold. "You don't have to make a decision now Dandelion," Treesa said. "Just think about it." I knew I had to get out of there before Treesa changed my mind. "I'm going to talk to Shade," I said.
When I found Shade she was talking to Celeste. I thought it'd be a good idea to get Celeste's opinion too. Shade's my best friend, but she's a little too much like me. When we're excited or upset we can be a little impulsive. Celeste is a lot more...'level-headed' I guess, and she always gives good advice.
Anyway, I didn't want to interrupt in case Shade and Celeste were talking about something important. Lucky for me Celeste turned her head a little and saw me standing there. I must've had a bad look on my face because Celeste asked what was wrong right away. I told her and Shade about Marigold, and how Treesa wanted Marigold to be my little sister. The weird thing is, Shade didn't complain about Treesa's 'meddling' like I thought she would. She actually liked the idea of having a kid in our group. "Does this mean I get to be an 'Auntie'?" Shade asked.
"Traitor," I said. At least Celeste seemed to realize I didn't like the idea. "If you really feel you're not ready to be a caregiver then Treesa should respect that," Celeste said. "Being a caregiver is a lot of work, and if your heart isn't in it then any child you adopt will feel like a burden." I told you Celeste gives good advice.
Anyway, that's where things are right now. I haven't really 'met' Marigold yet and I'm not sure I want to. What if I end up liking her and wanting to keep her? I just know I'd be a lousy caregiver. Some dolls just shouldn't have kids. And it's not fair to Marigold if I have to give her back because I can't take care of her. Celeste said rushing things won't do any good, and I shouldn't do anything before I'm ready. So I asked her how I'll know if I'm ready. "You'll know," Celeste said. If you ask me, she could've been a little more helpful than that.
Later, Dandelion