Friday, October 30, 2015

Vi and Viv's Story (Pretty Sweet Fairy Dolls, redressed)

(Just a quick note for you readers. Vi and Viv wanted to do this post together, so the format is a little different from previous posts. I wanted to make it easier to tell which doll was talking, especially since Vi and Viv have a habit of finishing each other's sentences. So I typed the name of whichever doll was talking at the beginning of each line. I also color coded the text, purple for Vi, blue for Viv, and green if both dolls were saying the same thing at the same time. Hopefully this will help avoid confusion.
Signed, Treesa)

Vi and Viv: Hi!

Vi: I'm Vi,

Viv: and I'm Viv.

Vi and Viv: We're twins!

Vi: We look a lot alike, but I have purple hair,

Viv: and I have blue hair.

Vi: Treesa got us at a store that sells stuff for a dollar, but she didn't get us the same day. Treesa got me first,
Viv: and me second.

Vi: We used to be fairy dolls,

Viv: with fairy wings.

Vi: Treesa took our wings off, but it didn't hurt,

Viv: 'cause the wings are bendy.

Vi: We both still have a knob on our back, where the wings go.

Viv: But we can wear lots of other clothes now that we don't have wings! I like that we only have to dress fancy if we want to.

Vi: Me too. Treesa says our fairy dresses weren't made nice. Our new dresses are a lot nicer,

Viv: and they match our hair! Vi has a purple dress and I have a blue dress.

Vi: And our shoes come off too, so we can change them if we want to.

Viv: Lila and Buffy can't do that! They have molded shoes that don't come off.

Vi: Lila is a Sparkle Girlz doll. She has purple hair too, but her head's bigger than mine. When Treesa got Lila, I was scared. I thought Treesa didn't want me anymore. But Treesa said she loves me and Lila the same.

Viv: We don't know what kind of doll Buffy is, but she's lived with Treesa a long time.

Vi: It's nice having a twin sister. I always have someone to play with,

Viv: and someone to talk to.

Vi: We get mad at each other sometimes, but we don't stay mad for long.

Viv: I like how we're more than just sisters. We're best friends AND sisters!

Vi: We've only lived with Treesa for a little while so far, but it's nice here.

Viv: Yesterday, Treesa took us outside to take our picture,

Vi and Viv: for the blog!

Vi: We felt so special,

Viv: and important.


Vi: I can't think of anything else to say.

Viv: Me either.

Vi: I guess we should say goodbye.

Viv: Ok.

Vi and Viv: Goodbye!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Alice's Story: Part 2 (Mattel The Twilight Saga Eclipse Alice)

(A Note From Alice: I'm going to pick up right where I left off. Be sure to read Part 1 before you read Part 2. That should help cut down on confusion.)

I was really happy to see Wedding Bells again, but I was really confused too. "How'd you get here?" I asked. "I found her in the toy department for $2.90," Treesa said. "I guess whoever bagged her didn't realize she was Twilight." Wedding Bells grabbed my hand to get my attention. "Did you see Wedward?" she asked. "Was he alright? I mean, I know he probably got sold already, but did you see him before that?"

For a while, all I could do was stare at her. Thoughts zoomed through my head one after another. Had Wedding Bells mentioned Wedward (Breaking Dawn-Part 1 Edward) to Treesa? Was HE what Treesa was looking for back at the store? If he was, why had she bought ME instead? Was it just because I was rare and valuable? I could see Wedding Bells' emotions on her face. Based on what she'd said, she must've thought someone had already bought Wedward and taken him away. She looked unhappy about it, but she also looked like she was trying to accept it. How could I tell her Wedward had still been at the store, but Treesa had passed him up to get me instead? I just knew that would break Wedding Bells' heart. But I didn't feel right lying to her either.

"He misses you," I said, which was the truth, just not all of it. Then I turned to Treesa. "Can I talk to you for a minute, alone?" I asked. Well actually I was demanding more than asking and I think Treesa knew it. But I tried to act casual so Wedding Bells wouldn't get suspicious. "Sure," Treesa said. She reached over to pick me up. Then I saw the look on Wedding Bells' face. I can't really explain it. It was like she was worried she wouldn't see me again. "I'll be right back," I promised before I let Treesa pick me up and carry me out of the room.

Treesa took me into the bathroom with her and shut the door. I glared at her, launching questions one after another. "Did you know about Wedward?" I asked. "Did you know how special he is to Wedding Bells?" Treesa nodded, looking uncomfortable. "Then why didn't you get him?" I asked.

"I'm a little short on doll funds right now," Treesa said. "I couldn't afford to buy all of you even if I wanted to."

"Then why didn't you just get Wedward?" I asked "Why did you get ME instead?" I was getting pretty emotional, so I didn't stop to think how Treesa would react to being interrogated by a doll. Most humans aren't in on the secret that dolls are alive. But even the ones that are don't always see dolls as equals. Humans seem to think, because they're bigger than us, that they know what's best for us. To be fair, humans treat their children that way to. The point is, Treesa ended up getting really annoyed. "It was a calculated risk," Treesa snapped. "There's a good chance Wedward will still be there if I go back later. You wouldn't be. You're too rare."

"Is that why you bought me," I asked, "because I'm rare and valuable?"

"I bought you because I like your character," Treesa said. "I've actually wanted an Alice doll for a while. But my Dad has a big mouth and I don't want my sisters to find out I'm buying Twilight dolls for myself. They'd just make fun of me." Treesa took a deep breath to calm herself down. Then she looked at me. "Is there maybe another reason you're so upset?" she asked. "Did you leave someone behind too?" If dolls could blush I would've. "Jasper never loved me that way," I said. "I was just his little sister." Treesa looked sort of relieved. I guess she didn't realize that just because Jasper didn't love me back, didn't mean I wasn't heartbroken. It was sort of nice of her to ask though.

"So, you're a Twihard huh?" I said, not really sure what else to say. Treesa looked sort of embarrassed. "Full disclosure," she said, "never read the books, never saw the movies. I did read the official illustrated guide, well, parts of it anyway. I have a friend who's a big Twilight fan, and I wanted to know what she was going on about."

Now I was really confused. If Treesa wasn't really a Twilight fan, why did she buy TWO Twilight dolls? "Did you buy Wedding Bells because you 'like her character'?" I asked, using the same words Treesa had. Treesa looked uncomfortable again. "Alice," she said quietly, "I bought Wedding Bells as a birthday present for my friend. I just thought you two could hang out 'til it was time for her to leave. She's been really lonely..." Treesa sort of trailed off, but the damage was done. Her words hit me like a wrecking ball, knocking my world apart. Wedding Bells was the only family I had left, and now Treesa was going to separate us to. I felt like crying. "Does Wedding Bells know she's not staying?" I asked. "Yes," Treesa said, "but she probably doesn't realize you are staying." Treesa turned towards the door. "I'll take you back now," she said. "You and Wedding Bells have a lot to talk about."

That's when I realized Treesa expected ME to tell Wedding Bells I was staying. "Oh no," I said. "YOU'RE telling Wedding Bells I have to stay. I'm not doing it for you." Treesa looked unhappy, but she nodded and brought me back to the bedroom. Treesa explained things to Wedding Bells, who took the news even worse than I did. After that Treesa pretty much left us alone. That was fine with us. We really didn't feel like talking to Treesa anyway.

The next Monday morning, Treesa left the house early. Me and Wedding Bells were talking in a corner when she came back later that day. "Ladies, sorry to interrupt," Treesa said. She didn't look sorry. In fact, she looked pretty pleased with herself. She pulled a doll from behind her back and put him down in front of us. It was an Edward doll in a wedding suit. He looked a little dazed, and when he saw Wedding Bells in front of him he froze. "Wedding Bells?" he asked. He said it sort of half-heartedly, like he didn't really believe it was Wedding Bells, like he was afraid to get his hopes up.

Wedding Bells got this sort of teary-eyed look on her face. "Wedward?" she asked. Her voice was so soft you could barely hear her, but Wedward heard her loud and clear. He knew then he'd found his Wedding Bells. Only dolls in our family knew that nickname. The next thing I knew they were holding each other, laughing and crying at the same time. Then they both looked at Treesa, and Wedding Bells asked the question that was on all our minds. "How?" Treesa smiled. "The showcase is one third off on Mondays," she said.

I was happy for Wedding Bells and Wedward, of course. But the flicker of hope I felt had nothing to do with them. "Did you get anybody else?" I asked Treesa a little too eagerly. Treesa frowned. "You said..." but she trailed off when she saw the look on my face. Yes, I'd said Jasper never loved me back. He probably never even knew I was in love with him. But that didn't mean he never would have fallen in love with me to. Maybe someday he could have loved me that way, and not like a sister.

Things have sort of settled into a routine here at Treesa's house. I spend most of my time with Wedding Bells and Wedward. I give them some alone time as a couple, but I want to have as much time as possible with my old family before they go live with Treesa's friend.

 Wedward, Wedding Bells and Alice

Treesa promised to introduce me to some of her other dolls when Wedding Bells and Wedward leave. She tried to act casual when she said it but, do you ever get the feeling someone's hiding something, but you can't figure out what it is. I'm not sure why, but that's how I feel. I guess I'll just have to wait and see. Too bad I can't see the future.
"Curiouser and curiouser," said Alice

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Alice's Story: Part 1 (Mattel The Twilight Saga Eclipse Alice)

(A Note From Alice: My post ended up being longer than anyone else's, a lot longer. So I'm breaking it up into two posts, to make things easier for you readers.)

I come from a big family. Mattel made a LOT of Twilight dolls, and my first owner had every single one of them. There were three different Bellas, three different Edwards, Carlisle and Esme, Emmett and Rosalie, Jacob, me...and Jasper...even Jane and Victoria. And being a certified Twihard, my first owner had some very strong ideas about who we were supposed to be. As far as she was concerned we WERE the characters from the books/movies. It never even crossed her mind that dolls don't always have the same personalities as the characters they're made to look like. We're more like actors. Actors don't always have the same personalities as the characters they play either. But my first owner wasn't really a doll person at all, which is probably why she donated all of us to the thrift store when Twilight stopped being fashionable.

When we were all getting bagged and priced at the store, Breaking Dawn-Part 1 Bella (the one in the wedding dress) somehow got separated from the rest of us. When we got put behind the glass showcase at the front of the store, wedding Bella wasn't there. Our first owner displayed us all together, so we were a pretty close knit group, sort of like a big extended family. So we were all sad when wedding Bella went missing.

Breaking Dawn-Part 1 Edward (the one in the wedding suit) was devastated. I know I said before how dolls are different from their characters, but he and wedding Bella had really hit it off. I couldn't even imagine how he felt then, knowing he might never see the doll he loved ever again. We were all trying to hold out hope that she'd turn up in the back room and get put behind the showcase with the rest of us. I think deep down we knew all of us were going to get separated soon. The chances of someone buying the whole collection were pretty slim, especially since we were priced at $9.90 each. Multiplied by that many dolls, $9.90 adds up fast. Even if we were all bought by the same person, that person would probably turn out to be a professional doll dealer planning to resell us.

So there we were, individually bagged in plastic and hanging on a rack next to the designer purses. When Treesa came in, she almost walked right past us. I found out later Treesa usually doesn't bother checking the showcase. She thinks the stuff is overpriced. Treesa has a good eye though. She can spot a doll a mile away. When she saw us, she stopped in her tracks and came over for a closer look. One of the store clerks took us off the wall so Treesa could sort through us.

Treesa didn't spend a whole lot of time checking the condition of each doll. She acted more like she was looking for something. So I thought she was a collector, looking for that one doll to complete her collection. When Treesa saw me, she grabbed me and didn't let go. Her dad was at the store to, and he came over and asked who I was. Treesa told him I was a Mattel Twilight Alice doll. Then she started talking about how rare I was and how much money I was worth online. My heart sank when I heard that. Getting bought by someone who was only interested in how valuable I was, someone who was probably already planning to resell me, made getting separated from my family seem so much worse.

When I got to Treesa's house I expected her to start typing up an auction listing right away, maybe even snap some photos. So I was really surprised when she started talking to me. Think about it, professional dealers are more...detached I guess from what they sell. They see dolls as profits, not people. Even if the dealer is someone who knows dolls are alive, wouldn't they still try to keep their distance? After all, they wouldn't want to risk bonding with the dolls they're trying to sell. They'd be too tempted to keep them then. So why talk to the merchandise?

"I hope you like it here," Treesa said as she carried me upstairs to her bedroom. "There's someone here I want you to meet. I think you might know each other already." Treesa put me down on her bed. Then she went over to the bookcase and grabbed something off the top. Because of the angle I was at I couldn't see what Treesa had until she brought it over and put it on the bed. Right in front of me was a stunned looking Bella doll in a white wedding dress. For a few seconds we just stared at each other, and then...

"Allie?" the Bella doll asked. Treesa was still standing there, but I was too stunned myself to worry about whether or not we should be talking in front of a human. "Wedding Bells?" I asked. The room was so quiet you could've heard a pin drop, then...

"Oh Allie, it IS you!" Wedding Bells said, laughing with relief. The next thing I knew we were hugging each other.

The nicknames had been Jasper's idea. It started out as just an easier way to tell all the Bellas and Edwards apart. Breaking Dawn-Part 1 Bella in her wedding dress was Wedding Bells. Breaking Dawn-Part 2 Bella, with her vampire eyes and skin tone, was Vampirbella. You get the idea. But then Jasper started giving everybody nicknames. That's just how Jasper is. If anyone needed proof that dolls aren't always the same as their characters they just have to look at Jasper, or Jazzy Jazz, to use the nickname he gave himself. My Jasper...OUR Jasper was always goofing around, always trying to make us laugh. No matter how I was feeling, Jasper could always make me smile.

(This seems like a good place to stop. We're a little less than halfway through my original post. I'll try to post the rest soon. Alice)