Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Can A 16 Inch Doll Use A Harry Potter 'Blind Box' Wand?

Hello yet again friends and visitors. This is Treesa. In her review of Mattel's Wizarding World Hermione Granger doll, Emily from the blog The Toy Box Philosopher included some great photos of dolls in different scales holding one of the Harry Potter 4 Inch Die-Cast Collectible Wands by Jakks Pacific. The general impression was that the wand was too big for one-sixth scale dolls like Barbie, but was a little too small for 18 inch dolls like American Girl. A couple of people left comments on Emily's post, wondering if the wand would work for 16 inch dolls. Well, wonder no more.

This is Ginny. She's a redressed, 16 inch Disney Singing Anna doll. Her dress was bought from an Ebay seller, and was modeled in the auction photo by a 16 inch Tonner doll. But as you can see, it fits Ginny here quite nicely.

Ginny's hands are not molded in anything close to a gripping position, so the wand had to be attached to her hand with clear rubber bands. The wand was also difficult to position in Ginny's hand because it's made of metal, which made it heavier.

Not only that, but Ginny's articulation is very basic, so posing her was a challenge. Add to this some problems I was having with inadequate lighting and my camera flash settings, and these pictures turned out far from perfect. But they should give you a general idea of the scale of the wand compared to the scale of the doll.

I hope that these photos were helpful to some of you. Thanks for stopping by.

Signed, Treesa