Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Concord's Story (grape scented purple-haired Barbie fairy, redressed)

If there are any dolls reading this who've survived a failed makeover, you're not alone. I got some lousy results when my first owner tried to give me a makeover. The good news is, a bad makeover isn't the end of the world. Treesa said some humans like buying dolls with cut hair and bad repaint jobs so they can fix them up. Treesa's not one of those humans. She doesn't know how to style hair, and she's never tried to do a real repaint. But Treesa sees things a little differently than most adult doll collectors. She's not as worried about buying dolls that look perfect. She's more interested in having dolls with character and personality. I'll admit there are some things that up the odds of Treesa noticing you. Having a 'fantasy hair color' does help your chances of getting Treesa's attention.

Treesa bought me at a flea market that was set up inside a hospital parking garage. The lighting wasn't that great, but thanks to my purple hair Treesa spotted me right away. I don't think she realized I'd been partially repainted until she got me home. Like I said, the lighting in the parking garage wasn't so good. My lips had been repainted, but the paint job was really sloppy and Treesa thought my lips didn't have any 'shape' anymore. I still had my factory paint underneath, so Treesa ended up rubbing off most of the new paint layer. It's a good thing the repaint wasn't sealed.

Treesa also got me a blue dress that sort of matches my eyes, and what's left of my 'manicure'. Some of the blue 'nail polish' rubbed off. The dress doesn't match my painted stockings so well but that's ok. It's comfortable, and it covers up my molded top so I look more like a regular doll. My first owner also gave me some painted earrings.

Did I mention I'm grape scented? That's why Treesa named me Concord. She says my hair smells like grape Koolaid. The weird thing is, Treesa remembers seeing dolls like me in the store years ago and none of them were scented. Treesa tried looking me up online, and she said it looks like the scented versions were only sold overseas. I don't know anything about that. All I know is I was shipped to my first owner in a big, brown cardboard box and it took a long time to get there.

I think that's about all there is to say right now. I guess I'm just not that interesting.

Have A 'Grape' Day, Concord
(I know it's a bad pun. It was Treesa's idea.)