Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Odessa's Ocean City Vacation (unidentified Disney Frozen Elsa by Mattel, redressed)

(Hello again friends and visitors. This is Treesa. I want you all to know that I'm really sorry this post was delayed. I was having some trouble getting the photos off of my 'new to me' camera after my card reader broke. The rest of this post will be from Odessa's point of view.
Signed, Treesa)

Near the end of July, Treesa, her best friend Jenn and I went on an 'extended weekend' trip to Ocean City, New Jersey. Jenn had been planning the trip for months. She made the hotel reservations back in January, and Treesa said that after the reservations were taken care of the upcoming vacation became Jenn's favorite topic of conversation. I think the reason Treesa decided to bring a doll with her was because things had been rather quiet here on the blog. Treesa also thought the beach would be the perfect location for a doll photo shoot. Treesa picked me to be her 'travel buddy' because, as Treesa put it, I was already dressed for the beach.

I felt excited as I watched Treesa pack my luggage, thinking about all the things I might see and do. I'd been on vacation once with my first owner, but that had been a long time ago. I was really looking forward to getting out of the house and getting away for a little while. I was also looking forward to getting some time by myself, since it can get a little crowded in Treesa's collection. However, the vacation didn't turn out quite the way either of us planned.

Treesa, Jenn and I arrived in Ocean City on a Thursday morning. Neither Treesa or Jenn know how to drive, so some of Treesa's family members offered to drive us down. When Treesa tucked me into the top of her beach bag the night before, she'd reminded me that I couldn't show anyone else I was alive. This sounded reasonable, and I didn't realize then just how frustrating it would be. Jenn's mother was worried that it wouldn't be safe for two young women to be traveling around the area alone, so Treesa had promised her that they wouldn't separate. This meant that wherever Treesa and Jenn went, they went together. And because Jenn didn't know I was alive, whenever she was around I had to stay in a silent, motionless state. Dolls aren't normally bothered by this kind of thing, but I'd gotten so used to moving and talking in front of Treesa that going back to not doing it was a big adjustment.

We left so early on Thursday that I barely stirred when Treesa packed the beach bag into the car. We arrived in Ocean City too early for Treesa and Jenn to check into their hotel. So everyone left the bags in the car and headed for the beach. Treesa thought she'd have plenty of time to take pictures later in the trip, and she didn't want to hold everybody up while she changed me into the bathing suit she'd packed for me and dug out the doll-sized beach chair and the other photo props. So I was left behind. Because the car was parked in the hot sun, it became unbearably warm inside. Time slowed to a crawl, and it felt like I was stuck in there forever.

Finally, it was time for Treesa and Jenn to check into the hotel. After they'd unpacked, Jenn suggested that she and Treesa head for the Boardwalk to get something to eat. They ended up browsing through a number of the shops, and they didn't come back until after dark. The next day, after breakfast, Treesa and Jenn headed for the stores on Asbury Avenue to do some shopping. I was left behind at the hotel. Being alone in the room wasn't too bad, once I figured out how to work the tv remote. At least the room had air conditioning. When Treesa and Jenn came back, they stayed just long enough to drop off their shopping bags before they went out to dinner at the grilled cheese and quesadilla shop near the hotel. Then they headed back to the Boardwalk. It was late when they got back, although it wasn't as late as the night before because Jenn had a stomach ache.

The next day was very windy, and the sky was overcast with gray clouds. But Treesa and Jenn headed for the beach early in the morning, in spite of the weather. We would be leaving early the next day, and Jenn knew this was the last chance they'd get to visit the beach. Treesa knew it was also the last chance she'd get to take some beach pictures for the blog, so she brought me along. Jenn had seen the blog before, and she asked Treesa about me while Treesa was setting up for the photos. "Hello Odessa," Jenn said after Treesa introduced me. I knew Jenn was old enough to have outgrown the childhood habit of treating toys like living beings. So when Jenn kept talking to me I wondered if she also knew that I was alive. When she asked me a question, I almost answered her. But Treesa must've known what I was thinking and sent me a warning look. Right after that, Jenn said to me, "Why am I talking too you like you're alive?"

"I must be rubbing off on you," Treesa said before she quickly pulled out her camera.

 Treesa managed to get a few pictures, but then one of the screws fell out of my beach chair and the wind picked up even more, so Treesa called it a day. After we went back to the hotel we got a message from Treesa's father, warning us that there was a big storm on the way. Sure enough, it started pouring rain not long after that. Treesa and Jenn had adjoining rooms, and they spent the rest of the day doing crossword puzzles and Mad Libs and talking about how much they wished they could be out doing something. I knew how they felt. I was bored out of my mind and more than ready to go home. I'd also had way too much 'alone time' and missed all my doll friends. Treesa did get a few photos of me that night in the cute, doll-sized pajamas she'd packed for me.

Treesa and Jenn also made a few trips to the hotel pool during their stay, but I can't remember when those were. To be honest, there were times when I wasn't sure where Treesa and Jenn had gone. All I knew was that they weren't in the hotel room. I think the next time that Treesa wants to bring a doll along on vacation, I'm going to suggest that she brings two dolls, so they can keep each other company. I also don't think I'll be volunteering to go on vacation again any time soon.