Monday, July 20, 2015

Shade's Story (rebodied blue-haired Mattel fairy)

When Treesa started pitching her big blogging idea, I wasn't really interested. I hadn't planned on posting at all. So why am I here? It was Dandelion's idea. In her post she mentioned Treesa's other 'fantasy hair colors' dolls. Then a reader left a comment on Dandelion's post, asking to meet the rest of us. Dandelion wrote back that she'd try to talk more of us into posting. The minute she logged off she went looking for me. Why me? Well we are best friends. It's kinda like our brains run on the same wavelength or something. We don't agree on everything all the time, but Dandelion always seems to get where I'm coming from and vise versa. Everyone should have a best friend like that.

Dandelion didn't ask me about posting right away. First she told me she got a comment. Then she told me what the comment said. Then she asked how I felt about posting. I told her I wouldn't know what to write. She said, "Anything you want, that's what makes it fun."

I still didn't know where to start. So what did I do? I read Dandelion's post for inspiration. At first I was kinda ticked off that she hadn't even mentioned me. But she did spend most of her post talking about stuff that happened before we met, so I guess I'll let her off the hook.

While I was at it I figured I might as well read what Treesa's other dolls had posted. When I read in Lacey's post that there were other doll bloggers out there, I thought it'd be a good idea to check out what they were posting too. Anyway I got so caught up in everybody else's stories that I kinda put off writing my own. And I'm STILL not sure where to start. I could start with how I met Treesa, but that's nothing you haven't heard before by now. Blah blah found at the thrift store, you get it. The first really important thing that happened after that was my body swap. Why did I need a body swap? Well I didn't exactly NEED it. I mean it wasn't 'medically necessary' or anything. Treesa wanted to redress me, like she'd redressed Dandelion. But my molded wings made that almost impossible, so Treesa body-swapped me.

After my 'recovery period' was over it was time to pick out clothes. I agree with Dandelion, piecing together a new outfit takes FOREVER. And Treesa STILL isn't completely happy with my new look.

Treesa's a bit of a perfectionist. She likes the dark purple 'pleather' top, but she thinks the silver skirt is a bit 'chintzy'. Treesa uses words like that a lot. I asked her what it meant and she said it's 'sort of a combination of tacky and flimsy'. And don't get her started on the shoes.

I still don't really get why Treesa named me Shade. She tried explaining it to me when I asked. She said my hair is 'a lovely shade of blue' and that 'when you stand in the shade it's cooler, and blue is one of the cooler colors in the spectrum'. I'm sure it made perfect sense to her.

Anyway the first doll Treesa officially introduced me to was Orlando.


Orlando is a redressed Lord Of The Rings Legolas doll by Mattel. He had to be redressed because Treesa bought him at the thrift store, and he didn't come with his original outfit. Treesa says his new outfit makes him look like a cast member from Rock Of Ages, but she likes the look. Why did she name him Orlando? I was kinda confused about that at first. I thought Treesa named him after the city in Florida for some reason. But it turned out Orlando was named after Orlando Bloom, who played Legolas in the Lord Of The Rings movies.

Me and Orlando both have pointed ears and pale skin tones, so I guess Treesa could've wanted us to be brother and sister all along. That's what we are now anyway. But I can't shake the feeling that wasn't Treesa's Plan A. There was just something about the way she introduced us, something that made me think she was hoping we'd fall in love. That never happened though. I mean we care about each other, but it's more in an older brother/younger sister kind of way. Orlando thinks I'm annoying but is still sort of protective of me, and I keep telling him he needs to get a life, and a girlfriend. Though I'm kinda glad he and Dandelion never hit it off that way. Why? Well for starters I think it'd make things all weird between us, if my best friend was dating my brother. That and I can't see it ending well for them. I just don't think Dandelion and Orlando have enough in common, personality-wise.

Dandelion told me she's not all that interested in having a boyfriend right now anyway. She likes being a single doll. As for me well like I told Dandelion, I wouldn't mind finding somebody. But I wasn't gonna spend all my time and energy looking for somebody. I did have a life after all. Then Treesa got Carlos.


Who's Carlos? He's a Mariposa Prince doll, and he's absolutely dreamy. He's so dignified and proud, which is hard to pull off when you're wearing a fairy prince outfit with dragonfly wings sewn to the back. (Treesa decided to leave him in his original outfit for now because she likes the colors on him.) Trust me if a guy doll wants to be taken seriously, fairy wings are usually not the way to go. But Carlos is so polite to everyone that nobody brings up his wardrobe, at least not to his face.

The problem is whenever I see Carlos across the room, I get so nervous my mouth goes dry. I'm never gonna get anywhere with him if I can't even talk to him. Dandelion's done her best to try and help me figure something out, but there's only so much she can do. I mean she'll stand there and listen to me gush, but she can't really give me any advice because she doesn't have much experience with love either. I thought about asking Orlando to be my go between, but I chickened out before I actually asked him. Why? Well for starters I'm not sure what Orlando thinks of Carlos. Like I said before, Orlando can be a little protective of me, and if he thinks Carlos isn't good enough for me he might try to keep us apart. Even if Orlando would help me out, it's still a lame plan. I mean how much more pathetic could I get, asking my brother to talk to the doll I like for me?

Well I guess that's enough about me, and my nonexistent love life. You've probably got other things to do today anyway, so I'd better log off before this post gets any longer. The last thing you want is 'Fifty Days Of Shade'. Yeah I thought it was a bad pun too, but Treesa thought it was funny.

See Ya, Shade