Saturday, February 20, 2016

Shana's Story (Shana Of The Holograms, Hasbro Jem doll line)

Ok so writing so not my idea. Treesa and Dandelion major tag teamed me. Treesa said...posting...would help me 'adapt to modern technology'. And she said she could use more 'manufacturer diversity' on Dandelion just said I'd 'have fun', so not sure what her angle was.  Whatever, time to rock this party. Like Jem said back in the day, "Show Time, Synergy!"
Treesa picked me up at a thrift store. Not the big chain store she mostly goes to, it was a smaller store her dad wanted to stop at. I won't lie, this place was a little sketchy. Dusty, disorganized, and there was so much junk crammed into the place the humans could barely walk around. I'd been in storage for a while before I ended up there, so I was most definitely ready for a change of scene. But that said, this place wasn't my idea of primo real estate. I couldn't wait to get out of there.
I wasn't exactly in mint condition though. My original outfit was long gone, and there was brown, sticky stuff in my hair. Gross. I couldn't picture any human shelling out good money for me. I figured I was stuck there for sure.
So when Treesa bought me and cleaned me up I was beyond pumped. I felt like Cinderella, getting the spa treatment from her fairy godmother. The dish soap 'shampoo' took some of the curl out of my hair, but I can deal. It beats having brown junk in my hair.
Treesa did ok picking out my new outfit.
I'm not used to sporting a skirt this long, but the colors are pretty rad. Treesa said she got the clothes from Etsy. After spending the 80s hanging out with dolls named Aja and Kimber, I thought Etsy was some human who sold Jem doll sized clothes. Turns out, Etsy's a what, not a who. Treesa cleared things up. She told me Etsy's humans set sell handmade and vintage stuff. Too bad got my outfit from went out of business. These are some high quality clothes. Treesa snagged a second outfit she'd...favorited...before
So, that's the 411 on my life. Not much going on right now, but I'm not complaining. After what I went through to get here I could use the vacation.
Show's Over, Shana