Thursday, July 13, 2017

Sunny's Story (Mattel The Sunshine Fun Family big sister)

Hello. My name is Sunny. I live with a Barbie doll named Summer Sand and a baby boy doll named KC. Summer is helping me write 'cause I don't spell good.

Some dolls lived here with Treesa always. Not me. I lived with my Mommy and my Daddy and my Baby Brother. Our little girl grew up and all her dolls got put in boxes. We stayed in boxes a long, long time. Then all the boxes got put in the driveway. I was scared. But Mommy and Daddy said it was ok. They said maybe a new little girl would come buy us and take us home.

Little girls came and little boys came and grownups came. Nobody took us home. Then Treesa came. She wasn't little. She looked at all the dolls. She saw me and picked me up. Mommy and Daddy whispered to me that they loved me and to be good. Treesa looked at me and my clothes and my shoes. Then she paid for me and took me away. She took me to her house and left me with Summer.

When Treesa left I cried and cried. I missed my Mommy and my Daddy and my Baby Brother. I told Summer I didn't want her to be my new mommy. Summer said she was sorry. She said Treesa didn't make me unhappy on purpose. She said humans did stuff like that 'cause they didn't understand. I felt sad inside, but I felt mad too. I was mad at Treesa for taking me away. I was mad at Summer for wanting to make it ok. I said I hated Treesa and I hated Summer and I would hate them forever and ever. Summer said she would understand if I hated her forever and ever.

Then Summer had to get her baby from the babysitter. Summer has a baby boy named KC. KC looks just like my Baby Brother. The daddy doll is a Ken doll named Skye. Skye is grumpy a lot, but Summer says that's 'cause his knee is broken and it hurts all the time.

Summer takes good care of me and I don't hate her anymore. But I miss my Mommy and my Daddy and my Baby Brother. I hope they're someplace nice. I try to be good, like Mommy and Daddy said. But sometimes I forget.

Treesa said she's really sorry for taking me away from my Mommy and my Daddy and my Baby Brother. Summer says Treesa understands dolls a lot better now. Treesa even talks to us. And Treesa gave me new clothes. My old clothes got ripped at my old house.

I've lived here a long time now. Summer's really nice and I have friends my size to play with. But I wish my Mommy and my Daddy and my Baby Brother were here too.

The End, Sunny

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